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Content Edits

Content edits involve looking for overarching issues. Our editors identify possible areas of improvement.


Creative Design
Quick Development
Quality Assurance

We’re Here to Help You

Do you require a deposit to begin work?
We do require a deposit, which is an amount that is mutually agreed upon by the client and WriteType Editorial Services.
Do you build WordPress websites?
We will provide content for your WordPress site with an existing theme, but we do not install or maintain WordPress themes/sites.
How long will it take to edit my manuscript?
Each manuscript is unique and must be evaluated prior to the project being accepted by both the client and WriteType Editorial Services. After reviewing your samples and determining your specific needs, the resulting quote will include an estimated delivery timeframe.
What happens if WriteType Editorial Services recommends developmental edits, but I only want copyedits or proofreading?
The editors at WriteType Editorial Services strive to recommend the level of service that will best serve your project. If you feel our recommendation does not meet your needs, we welcome a conversation to discuss the project and our recommendations further.

We Provide Top-Quality Editorial and Content Services

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