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ServicesCustom Editorial and Content Services

Pre-made eBook Covers
Sophisticated and affordable pre-made eBook covers. Check out our current selection now.
Developmental Edits
Developmental edits involve helping an author complete or expand their story, academic work, or business writing.
Manuscript Critique
With a critique, expect an editorial letter discussing big-picture items such as the overall impression of the written piece.
Line Edits
Line edits focus on the sentence level. Similar to content edits, we ensure your story has a strong sentence structure.
Coaching Services
Coaching involves examining your completed or uncompleted written work, paired with live coaching sessions.
Copy Edits
Copyedits focus on grammar and punctuation. However, we understand and respect our authors’ artistic visions.
Content Edits
Content edits involve looking for overarching issues. Our editors identify possible areas of improvement.

We provide the services you need to make your content shine. Request a Quote