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WriteType Editorial Services offers a wide variety of editorial services. Below are brief descriptions of some of our most popular offerings.

Content Edits – Starting at $0.018/word Your story is composed of multiple, interlocking parts. Sometimes, those parts need extra oil to get them running smoothly. Content edits involve looking for overarching issues. WriteType Editorial Services examines your story’s plot, including how the story is paced and how tension builds. We also consider whether characters are well developed, believable or likable, and whether their motivations make sense. You want a strong story with strong motivations and three-dimensional, likable characters. WriteType Editorial Services reads your story or novel, identifies possible areas of improvement, and explains why changes make your story stronger. Request a quote today.

Copyedits Starting at $0.013/word – Copyedits represent what everyone envisions when they think “editing.” WriteType Editorial Services focuses on grammar and punctuation. Following the rules reigns supreme here. However, we understand authors’ artistic visions. We make judgment calls on grammatical issues if they fit with the story. Still, the rules are important, and we believe proper grammar and punctuation make any work polished and professional. Readers won’t stumble over your grammar and punctuation. Instead, they will enjoy the story. Request a quote today.

Developmental CoachingBilled at $45.oo/hour* As a first-time author, it can be difficult to identify the best ways to show, not tell, or even how best to grow a character. Developmental coaching involves examining a completed or uncompleted manuscript, paired with added instruction on craft via live Skype sessions. WriteType Editorial Services helps the author understand how to harness the writing craft to best present the story. It’s like having your very own writing mentor and editor, so you get the most out of the process. Request a quote today.

Developmental Edits – Starting at $0.02 /word – You’ve written part of the story, but now you are stuck. Don’t give up on an idea simply because you’re unsure where to head next! Developmental edits involve helping an author complete or expand a story. WriteType Editorial Services reads through your existing manuscript, looking for plot points and pacing, character development and tension. Together with the author, WriteType Editorial Services outlines possible plot points and adjustments to make your story stronger (and complete!) Request a quote today.

Line Edits – Starting at $0.015/word – Line edits focus on the sentence level. Similar to content edits, WriteType Editorial Services ensures your story has strong sentence structure. With these edits, grammar may be involved, but we are more focused on sentence pacing and cadence. Line edits involve judgment on the editor’s part and require a different “ear” for each genre. At this level of edit, we allow certain grammatical rules to be broken if they make sense for the story. We do, however, look for proper word usage (e.g., pour vs. pore) and word over-usage (e.g., using “shivered” two or more times within the same paragraph). Request a quote today.

Manuscript Critique  Starting at $0.007/word – As writers, sometimes we get stuck. Does the story flow the way you need it to? Are the characters lively enough? What comes next? WriteType Editorial Services reads your manuscript to give you some of those answers. With a critique, expect an editorial letter discussing big-picture items such as the overall impression of the story and characters, what worked and what did not, pacing issues, and story triumphs. Don’t stay stuck. Sometimes a second eye is all a writer needs to get the ball rolling. Request a quote today.

Ask us about our package discounts for two or more services on one manuscript!

Rush jobs are available through WriteType Editorial Services for an additional 50% fee.

*Developmental coaching may require pre-session reading/evaluation time for the coach to determine and organize developmental suggestions prior to each coaching session. Pre-session work, if required, will be billed at the current hourly rate, with a 1hr minimum.